All You Need to Know About Kaduna State

kaduna state

About Kaduna State

Kaduna is one of the state in Nigeria, Its has the same name with it city but Kaduna state city is being refers to as KD City to distinguish it from the state. Kaduna State is located at the Northern (Northwest) part of in Nigeria. Its capital is Kaduna which is popularly called KD. It has a population of about 6.3 million people according to Nigerian census figure, 2006.

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The vegetation of Kaduna State is cover by Sudan Savannah type, characterized by scattered short trees, shrubs and grasses and mostly loamy or sandy soil type with a little amount of clay is found.

History of Kaduna State

The name Kaduna is gotten as of the corruption of a Gbagyi word for a river. Another version of the etymology of the name is a narrative linked to the Hausa word for crocodile but this is contested by the Gbagyi people known to have lived in the area for centuries. It is therefore indicative that the name Kaduna was taken by Lord Frederick Lugard and his colonial colleagues when they moved the capital to Northern Region from Zungeru to Kaduna in 1916.

When the people where grouped by British colonial ruler in northern Nigeria, the people who lives in those area became Northern Nigerians. By 1967 these people where regrouped again which carved the North Central State, this was going on until 1975 when Kaduna State was finally created by the military leader in the person of Gen. Murtala Mohammed.

There comes in 1967 when the old Northern Region was divided into six states in the north, leaving Kaduna as the capital of North-Central State whose name was later changed to Kaduna State in 1976. The current governor of Kaduna state is Mallam Nasir el-Rufa’i.

List of Local Government in Kaduna State

  1. Birnin Gwari
  2. Chikun
  3. Giwa
  4. Igabi
  5. Ikara
  6. Jaba
  7. Jema’a
  8. Kachia
  9. Kaduna North
  10. Kaduna South
  11. Kagarko
  12. Kajuru
  13. Kaura
  14. Kauru
  15. Kubau
  16. Kudan
  17. Lere
  18. Makarfi
  19. Sabon Gari
  20. Sanga
  21. Soba
  22. Zangon Kataf
  23. Zaria

Ethnic Groups and Languages in Kaduna State

Adara (dubbed Kadara), Akurmi (labelled Kurama by the Hausa), Anghan (dubbed Kamanton by the ausa), Amo, Aruruma (named Ruruma by the Hausa), Atachaat (dubbed Kachechere), Atyab (dubbed Kataf by the Hausa), Ayu, Bajju (dubbed Kaje by the Hausa), Bakulu (Ikulu by the Hausa), Bhazar (named Koro), Bur (Sanga), Binawa, Dingi, Fantswam, Fulfulde, Gbagyi (Gwari in Hausa), Gure, Gwandara, Gwong (Kagoma in Hausa), Ham (dubbed Jaba in Hausa, which is a derogatory name), Hausa, Jangi (dubbed Gwari by the Hausa), Kaibi, Kahugu, Kanufi, Kigono, Kinugu, Kitimi, Kiwafa, Kiwollo, Koro, Kuvori (called Surubu), Kuturmi, Lemoro, Mada (Mardan) Mada, Nandu, Nduyah, Numana, Nindem, Ningeshe, Ninkyop, Ninzo, Nyenkpa (Yeskwa), Oegworok, Pikal, Pitti, Ribang, Rishuwa, Rumada, Ruruma, Rumayya, Shemawa, Sholio (Dubbed Marwa), Siyawa (Bauchi state?), Takad, (Attakar), Tarri, Tsam (Chawai), Tuku (Atuku by the Hausa).

People Living in Kaduna State

Hausa and Christians are peoples found in kaduna mostly, some of the Hausa practice Islam and majority of the people in the southern local government area practice Christianity. The major Muslim festivals are the Salah celebrations of ldEIfitri and ldEIKabir, while Christmas, New Year and Easter are observed by the Christians.

Popular Education Centers in Kaduna State

Kaduna is being refer as Center of Education, it is one of the education centers in Nigeria with lot of colleges and recognized university in Nigeria

  1. Nigerian Defence Academy
  2. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  3. Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria
  4. Kaduna State University
  5. Federal Polytechnic, Kaduna
  6. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria
  7. College of Education Gidan Waya-Kafanchan
  8. Shehu Idris College of Health Health Sciences And Technology-Makarfi
  9. College of Nursing-Kafanchan
  10. Institute of Leather Research-Zaria
  11. Federal College of Education, Zaria
  12. National Open University of Nigeria
  13. National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna
  14. Nigerian Institute of transport technology, Zaria
  15. National Teachers Institute, Kaduna
  16. School of Midwifery Kaduna
  17. National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism.

Cultures in Kaduna State

  1. Annual Festival
  2. Tuk-Gwong
  3. The Baranzan (Bajju)
  4.  Bakulu (Ikulu)
  5. Anghan (Kamantan)
  6. Adara (Kadara)
  7. Aninkon (Kaninko)
  8. Moroa
  9. Ninzo
  10. Kataf
  11. Attaka

Business Opportunities in Kaduna State

The Kaduna state is blessed with minerals which includes the following:

  1. Clay
  2. Serpentine
  3. Asbestos
  4. Amethyst
  5. Kyannite
  6. Gold
  7. Graphite
  8. siltimanite graphite

Some of this are found mostly in Sabon Birnin Gwari, in the Birnin Gwari local government, this is an important raw material used in the manufacture of pencils, crucibles, electrodes, generator brushes etc. Kaduna is said to be an industrial center of Northern Nigeria, manufacturing products like textiles, machinery, steel, aluminum, petroleum products and bearings. With all this available materials in the state will help attract more business and investors in Kaduna State

Tourism centers in Kaduna State

Kaduna is most well known for tourist centers as the state of Kaduna is made up beautiful places for tourism, they are as follows:

  1. Luggard Hall and Government Monument Bridge
  2. General Hassan Usman Park
  3. Man-made Kaduna
  4. Nok Terra Cotta
  5. Nok Village
  6. Cultural Kaduna
  7. National Museum Museum/Monument
  8. Emir of Zazzau’s Palace
  9. Zaria Cultural
  10. Jakaranda Pottery
  11. Kaduna Souvenir

List of Tribes in Kaduna State