How to Make Money Online Using Facebook

Make Money Online Using Facebook, most people think that Facebook is only meant for sharing  photos, chatting  and stay in touch with friends but didn’t know that Facebook can also be use to earn money as well online. There are lots of ways to earn money online using Facebook such as using link-type advertising programs to creating a fanpage and then selling the posts on your Facebook page. You can even use Facebook to advertise and sell your products online. If you are interested in making money online using Facebook, then check out this Wldtip profile on how to make money online using Facebook.

make money online using facebook

Requirement Needed for Making Money Online using Facebook

  1. Create a Facebook Account
  2. Sign up for an affiliate program
  3. Create separate accounts for each program
  4. Make or Create a FanPage (Pages)
  5. Get or Create a website or Blog related to the Page
  6. Sell Page posts or products

How to Make Money Online Using Facebook by Creating Post

Making great posts on your facebook page is one the foundation of any successful planner to make money online with social media especially facebook, making good content is the key success on how to make money online using facebook and lots of it. This can be achieved on Facebook by means of stream of interesting links, images, and updates every day and hour. Below are guide to help you make good decision when create post on your facebook page to help make money online using Facebook.

  1. Open a fresh Facebook account and keeping it separate from your personal account. Use this newly open account for your posts and link it to your personal Facebook account to let people know about them. It is very important to note that Facebook will never allow you with multiple accounts using the same email and phone number. You may even get a request to verify a new Facebook account through a code texted to your phone line.
  2. Search and look for a good niche and fill it with quality content (post).  Your niche must one that everyone will fill over the internet not one that nobody will else is going filling. If you plan to market a product in your post with your facebook account, be sure to link the product to your posts in some way.
  3. Make steady post on your page and give it time to let your account build up interest over time online by continuing to provide fresh and relevant content every day and hourly.

How to Make Money Online Using Facebook through Affiliate Program

An Affiliate programs is a programs that provide you with a unique ID and marketing materials so as to get pays you a commission based on how much business you generate for them. So try to find a Good Affiliate marketing website and start earning money using facebook as your store. The following as list of website that offers affiliate programs:

  1. Amazon
  2. Aliexpress
  3. eBay
  4. Jumia
  5. Konga
  6. Clickbank

How to Make Money Online Using Facebook with Ebook Writting

E-books are written books, that is, just book format publications that are distributed electronically over the internet without printing on a paper. Note, there’s basically no cost to publish an e-book online which is pretty much good because anybody with an idea can do it.

The purpose of writing an eBooks and publishing them online is to generated income and it’s easy on yourself unlike a paper book publishing, you don’t have to write any particular number of pages. It is very important to note that most e-books today are written to generate income mostly and are more likely e-pamphlets than whole books. For an ebooks to generate income the following two things must be observed:

  1. Subject Selection: Choosing a subject that will generate the interest of reader. True life story is almost always a better choice than imaginary story. Most people write e-books that tell people how to make money selling e-books are a popular option, and they apparently sell enough to at least offset the trouble of writing them.
  2. Focus: When writing an ebooks always write in an area where you can claim some kind of authority. It’ll add more status to your book. You don’t need to show credentials but you should write about something you can do better

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